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Kinzeluk Waterfall

Updated: Mar 4, 2020

Tofalaria (the south of Siberia) hides the highest of the measured waterfalls in Russia. The height of the waterfall in the reference books is 328 meters.

"The waterfall is visible to the full height. It flies with high swings from the rocky step from the circus above. The waterfall has a height of at least 400 meters. When you are close you can see powerful stream roars, with which the voices of people are completely drowned out. Climbing a 400-meter cliff along the edge of the waterfall is completely impossible. We couldn't check the assumption that in the circus above the waterfall is a large glacier. Most likely, there is a glacier there, and at its end there is also a lake. "

1948 - 1949 the expedition of the Botanical Institute of the USSR Academy of Sciences

This waterfall flows from Kinzeluk Lake, which is located at an altitude of 1601 m in the circus of the Kinzeluk (Double-headed) peak. The total height (cascade) is 328 m, the height of free fall of water is 90 m. The stream from the waterfall enters the Kinzeluk River, the tributary of Kizir, through the small Lower Kinzeluk Lake, lying at an altitude of 1144 m.

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